Teemu Kurppa

I'm a programmer and entrepreneur.


Help with software projects

Do you need help defining and buying software projects? Or bringing new software skills into your team?

I can help you in

  • defining and scoping your initial software project. Small enough scope ensures success and keeps costs down.
  • evaluating software project offers. Technical expert's opinion helps you to choose the right provider.
  • teaching your team relevant skills from server management to data analysis to automatic testing to iOS app development. I just don't provide just slideware but working software that helps your team to get up to speed with new skills.
  • interviewing technical candidates and assessing their skills.

I have done all of the above successfully for several companies. I'm available for short consultation projects ranging from a couple of hours to a few days. My rate is €145/hour.

Interested? Send an email to teemu.kurppa@iki.fi.


the world's first wellness ring + app.

ŌURA ring tracks and analyzes your sleep and daily activity. We are one of the leading consumer wearables in the quality of sleep tracking with a talented technical team spanning from hardware specialists, embedded developer to scientists and software professionals.

I joined ŌURA in Spring 2016 to lead cloud and mobile development. We are hiring talented web, iOS, Android & backend (Python and AWS) developers who are passioned about sleep and health.

Other Companies

Klever — Board Member

All your bills in one app. Klever is a smartphone application that gathers all your paper bills, electronic invoices and email invoices in one application.

Huikea — Co-Founder

Huikea provides a full-stack mobile development agency. We can help you evaluate, design and implement the right mobile solution for you from both business and technical perspective.

Custobar — Advisor

Custobar is a CRM and omni-channel marketing tool for retail and e-commerce companies.

Recent projects

strm — Social Banking

strm is a social banking concept from Santander. For Slush 2015, we at Huikea implemented a functioning point-of-sale system prototype that used a physical fingerprint scanner for payments. System consists of 2 iPad apps, a server and iPhone app.

Flancer — Project app for freelancers

Flancer is a mobile app that helps freelancers and their customers to quickly make offers, communicate and track project status and invoice. Flancer is currently in an invite-only beta.
I lead the development of the backend and mobile apps.

Custobar — Retail CRM

Custobar is a CRM and omni-channel marketing tool for retail and e-commerce companies. It offers an unique view to your customer, both online and in stores.
I'm automating data integrations as part of the Custobar team.

Gigbeans — Jazz Gig Atlas

Gigbeans is a project by Sami Pekkola, implemented by us at Huikea. It's a unique gig database that highlights the history and relationships between musicians. Gigbeans is initially targeted for jazz musicians, but suitable for all kind of live performances.